John Wooden


Thursday, February 4, 2010

My first thoughts

I want to thank one of my students for getting me started on this blog. It is awesome that he took his time to help me, a teacher, to get it up and running. He also has some good ideas to get it to look even better. I am totally amazed how much this student knows and how far he has come.
My main intention of this blog is to be a place for people to be inspired and give them ideas to think more than they used to.
As a coach I use a quote of the day so my players can realize that they need to be challenged to look beyond the moment and into what is the real big picture. I love to have a quote that can start a discussion and get the girls to think and talk about what it means to them. Sometimes that quote will help them realize what we are trying cover for the day. That is why you will see quotes and thoughts on this page. If you ever have a comment on the quote please feel free.
The other reason I am doing this is to get my thoughts as a teacher. With our school going through a transformation I feel it is good for everyone to talk out what they are thinking. This way everyone can have everything out in the open and help have a say in what direction we are going.
In my line of teaching, junior high resource, it is tough to not worry about how change will effect all the students. Some of the students will adapt and be ready to move on, where a good number will need plenty of time to adjust and prepare for the change. Change is good, but needs to be done in a matter that everyone will feel comfortable and not left out. And that is why I wanted to be a resource teacher. I did not want my students to feel they were being left out.
A couple of years ago our school went to co-teaching and I love it. It took us a good couple of years to implement it and get everyone on the same page. Even though I do not think we have mastered the whole concept of co-teaching. But one thing I have enjoyed is getting to help teach another passion I have and that is math.
Our junior high math teacher is amazing. She has a passion to teach the basics to the junior high student and install in them the feeling of doing work that is meaningful. She has even taught me a few things.
So, my thoughts and feeling will be evident on this blog. I hope I can at some point make you think or even make you wonder what is she thinking. And if I do please let me know so I can explain.